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This page lists things useful to know as a member of Mobots.

This web site

This web site uses plain HTML. The HTML markup must be XHTML 1.0 Transitional compatible. A tutorial to learn it is available. A validation button is available at the bottom of the left menu.

When you edit a page, be consistant with the content already present. Do not invent new fancy styles but rather get inspiration from what already exists.

If you want to embed flash content, for instance to display youtube video, take care to copy an existing example. The HTML code snippet youtube provides is not valid XHTML.

The h1...h5 order on this site is the correct html one. You should use:

If you put a link to an external page, add it like this <a href="" target="content">. The target argument ensures the pages opens in a new window or tab.

You should put normal images in images/medium. They should be of size 425xN, where N is any number that ensure a correct aspect ratio. If possible, you should provide a hi-resolution version and put it under images/hires. You can copy/paste the html code from the e-puck page.

If you add a new robot, you should its description image in images/summary.


Each time you publish a paper, you should put it on infoscience with the [MOBOTS] keyword.

In addition, if relevant, you should add keywords about the field, the robot, and the research project involved. For instance, a typical Swarm-bots paper would have those three additional keywords: s-bot, swarm-bots, and self-assembling. The following keywords are available. If you add new pages and new keywords, add them here also:




Subversion servers

Several Mobots open source software projects are developed in public repositories on This is the case for Molole, Aseba, and Enki.

A private subversion repository is available for internal shared works such as papers writing. This repository is on in /home/svn. You could be interested in the following repositories:

If you want to use it, ask Florian or Philippe to add an account. When done, you can easily checkout the repository using the Linux command svn checkout [--username] svn+ssh://

If you are using Windows, this document about how to use TortoiseSVN with SubVersion at Gna might be useful for you.

Students Projects (for students)

add your content here

Students Projects (for assistants)

A latex template of the students projects forms made for use with pdflatex is available here. A MS Word version is available here.

Only for Mobots team

More informations are on the Mobots wiki.

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